Save up to 20% energy during bottle blowing

We are very proud to offer new possibility to our customers regarding spare of energy during blowing. With new technology we make preforms that have feature that can soak up infrared energy to 20% more than classic one. Heating of preforms during the blowing process is generally by means of lamps emitting radiation in the near infrared region.

Rate of heat uptake is increased by enhancing the ability of the PET preform to absorb near infrared radiation. Improvements in the uptake of heat energy by the preform can improve throughput and/or reduce the overall power requirement for the blowing process. In an increasingly cost sensitive industry, relatively small improvements can lead to significant benefits and enhance market competitiveness The new technology applied at varied steps to provide customer’s required level of reheat. The new technology has application at clear or color preforms. 3.46 % reheat increase per 1 step Lightness impact is directly proportional to the level of reheat - Linear lightness vs. % reheat trade offreduction in lightness of 1.13 units per 1% increase in reheat