Business policy

ENERGO-PET is the leading producer of PET bottle preforms on the territory of Serbia. As a company and as a team, we are oriented towards permanent improvement of our products and services quality under the slogan:


Our orientation towards permanent improvement is reflected in general principles of our business behavior and policy of good practices in work environment. These principles should also be valued by all business partners of ENERGO-PET. The basic principles of our business policy are:

1. Observance of regulations
ENERGO-PET has established the procedure of monitoring of change of regulations, implementation and application of appropriate regulations relevant for business activities.

2. Employment conditions
ENERGO-PET has by its Work Regulations defined employment conditions and protection of the employees prohibiting forced labor, gender, race or age discrimination, harassment and abuse at work, retaliation against whistleblowers and labor of underage persons.

ENERGO-PET observes the right of each employee to join associations, educate themselves, organize their free time, use holidays or sick/child care leave.

ENERGO-PET provides their employees with adequate work training, work and protective clothing, work in safe environment, regular monthly wages, health and pension benefits, in compliance with regulations.

3. Policy of environmental protection
ENERGO-PET is dedicated to environmental protection and water protection policy and is aware of importance the environmental protection should have in management and performance of everyday activities. Accordingly, all available resources have been activated to create necessary conditions for improvement of environment quality with observance of basic principles of environmental protection and realization of general and specific objectives.

4. Policy of product quality and safety
ENERGO-PET is dedicated to fulfillment of requirements of users and to permanent improvement of the quality management system efficiency. The ability and motivation to work as a team, in which experience and skillfulness of each employee is valued and used, is the guarantee that the quality of processes and products will be maintained and improved with the aim to satisfy our clients.

5. Relationship with contractors
ENERGO-PET expects from their contractors to conduct their operations responsibly and with high quality, respecting above mentioned principles that ENERGO-PET has established within their operations. In providing their services and goods, the contractors must operate in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, the employment law and the environment protection law.

6. Respect of users
ENERGO-PET is oriented towards fulfillment of customer requirements in providing quality and safe services and products. We have established the Procedure of relation with customers. The satisfaction of customers is our priority. The long-lasting co-operation with old customers as well as the increasing number of new customers is the outcome of such dedication.

7. Code of business ethics
ENERGO-PET has established the code of business ethics observed by each employee towards contractors, customers or other employees. Any kind of manipulation, corruption, threat, deceit, abuse of confidential information or any similar behavior in interpersonal relations towards contractors, customers or other employees is not allowed. Employees are obliged to relate towards the name and the property of ENERGO-PET as they would towards their own name or property, taking care of it, improving it and adding value to it by their personal work and conduct and by observing the provisions of the Work Regulations.